Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Redeeming Love

Some of you may have noticed the new button I have. I follow a blog called Breaking Through, written by Lyryn. Like the hubs and myself, Lyryn and her husband have a huge desire to see marriages succeed. She and her family have had quite a journey. They have dealt with (and overcome!) one of the worst possible things to happen to a marriage: adultery.

Thanks to the amazing love and divine plan of God, Lyryn and her husband have survived the heartbreak and devastation of unfaithfulness. This is a great example of unconditional love being thrown in the face of the world! During the month of April, this family's story will be revealed, the harsh realities and the happy ending.

For my part, I'll be reading every post. I'm very excited to hear from someone who truly has a heart for marriage and all the struggles it brings. I'll also be sharing some insights into marriage from my own limited viewpoint. I hope you'll join Lyryn as she shares her trials and triumphs in this journey!

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