Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm in a closet.

And I mean that literally.

There has been about a week straight of storms where I live in the good ole South. Not just thunderstorms, mind you. Real, cloud-rotating, hail-spitting, street-flooding storms. 

Tonight is a new round of those joyous storms; so I'm waiting it out in the closet while the hubs drives home from work. (If he were here, he would be calmly watching the news in the living room, greeting the tornadoes at the door.) The dog doesn't care where we are...just as long as she's got a soft place to sleep. The cat, on the other hand...well...he's a little upset. Not of fan of storms or confined spaces. 

And so we wait. I'm not getting out just yet. 

I've seen the Wizard of Oz.

The last thing I need is a herd of flying monkeys. 

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