Monday, April 25, 2011

Heavy Matters

I've been reading a new book called "Made to Crave."

I'm not finished, but so far, it has really changed the way I think about what I eat. God wants MORE for us. He wants more than okay, more than just getting by, more than mediocre.

What I'm realizing now is that I have to want more for myself.

For too long, I have been guilty of resigning myself to being overweight. Truthfully, there are medical issues that cause weight gain for me, but my diet is poor and I don't exercise enough in addition to that. In giving up and learning to live with those things, I'm essentially saying that God cannot change my issues or me. 

This simple fact is that God created us to desire him, to crave him. We should hunger for Him rather than for food. We should thirst for Him instead of water. We should desire Him more than any other thing. 

My life will not improve until I desire Christ above all things. This week, I'll be praying for that desire; I'll be praying for guidance. I'll be praying for change. 

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