Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why Can't We Be Friends? I'll Tell Ya...

 Mama's Losin' It
Mama Kat posted an amazing prompt this week...10 Reasons I Could Never Be Friends With...Insert Name Here. I couldn't really think of just one person, so I decided to do a few reasons for a few people.

I don't really like anything about her, but for the sake of the prompt, I'll be more specific. 

 She was only a child but managed to dress like a 30 year old hooker. 

She's shorter than me (which is freakishly short), but she's taller than me due to the hair that undoubtedly will survive the apocalypse. 

He wears more make-up than I do. Enough said.

I just can't escape the couch-jumping. 

I love Will Ferrell movies. I couldn't be friends with him, though.

1. Every time we were together, I would request "more cowbell."

2. I would mistake him for the creepy hobo down the street.

3. He's got some stomach issues...

4. He wears tights...unapologetically.

5. His mustache intimidates me. 

These people are all DYING to meet me, though. I'm just that irresistible. 


Jenn said...

"We need more cowbells". You slay me.

This is a brilliant idea! I so wanted to use this prompt but got stuck coming up with 10 reasons for one person (but so had 3-4 comments for a bevy of people).

Love it!

Jill said...

LOL! Will Ferrell - you hit the nail on the head with all of these. I bought my sister a shirt that says, "I have a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell." Adam Lambert - GAH! Visiting from Mama Kat's.

Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your post!

Carri said...

hahaha I LOVE cowbell!! You nailed these all on the head!

SuzRocks said...

The only reason I would maybe want to be friends with Miley and Snooki would be to be a good influence on them and MAYBE tell them they don't always have to dress like a prostitute.

The Nice One said...

What a neat take on the prompt. I agree with Miley and SNooki....Omg.

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