Monday, January 24, 2011

10 Facts About Me

Blog Challenge- Day 1

As part of the blog challenge, I've been charged with listing 10 interesting facts about myself. I'm not very interesting, but here goes nothing...

1. I love snow. Seriously...most people are longing for summer by the middle of January, but I'm still relishing winter. I should probably move to the Northeast to enjoy a real winter.

2. I was born 2 1/2 months early. As a result, I only weighed 2 pounds and 5 ounces.

3. I'm a little bit OCD, but you wouldn't know it from looking at my house. I've usually got books lying around everywhere, but my work papers and school junk are impeccable.

4. When eating a sandwich, I hold my pinky up in the air.

5. I have never been able to do a cartwheel.

6. I really like birds and all the things they represent, but I'm a little scared of them.

7. I'm a complete homebody. It makes me very happy to relax at home with the hubs and the pets. Throw in a good book or a movie, and I'm in heaven.

8. I went to the same school district from kindergarten through graduation. I am very thankful for the consistency!

9. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a child. (Although, when I was 5, I did tell my parents I wanted to be a Sonic car-hop. I mean, how cool are the skates?!)

10. I love, Love, LOVE hot tea. In fact, I think a good cup of tea could cure almost anything. I could definitely be British.

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