Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tragic Talent

This week, one of Mama Kat's writing prompts asked for my reaction to the death of Amy Winehouse. I wasn't going to go there...until I saw an overwhelming amount of rather unsympathetic posts. Now here we are.

Death is sad, plain and simple. It doesn't matter who or where. Last week, I saw several posts on Facebook and other social media announcing the death of Amy Winehouse. Then I saw more posts of a more judgmental nature. (Those of you who know me will know that those never go over well with me.) 

Let's just be honest, shall we? We all know that Ms. Winehouse was a talented but troubled woman at best and a weak, indulgent child at worst.

Whether you like it or not, the woman had talent. 

Yes, I know that people die every day. There are tragedies all over the world. 

But for some people, the death of a celebrity is a big deal. I completely understand that Amy essentially dug her own grave, but that doesn't mean we should be unsympathetic. That doesn't mean no one should mourn. That doesn't make her death any less heartbreaking. 

I'll admit I've been a fan for a long time; I first heard Amy Winehouse in my first year of college. Her voice immediately struck a chord with me. The raw emotion of her music was amazing. She was the kind of musician who could make the audience feel. And quite frankly, there aren't many artists like that in our world of cookie-cutter "musicians."

She was eccentric; she was destructive. She was HUMAN. 

Instead of placing blame and criticizing, let's show a little more compassion.

Here's to Amy. Let's remember her as she used to be. 

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