Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Now?

I have been waiting for this day for a very long time.


I woke up this morning, filled with joy at the thought of graduation. Then I thought, "What do I do next?" Because I'm graduating in the fall instead of in the spring, there aren't many job options right now. There are two school districts that I would love to sub for, but one of them is no longer taking applications. Fantastic.
Let's face's not going to be easy to find a job as a social studies teacher anyway. Most of those jobs go to coaches who couldn't be happier to teach history. (No, no...that wasn't sarcasm. I NEVER...) The basic goal now is to make myself more marketable. I do have a couple of viable options.

1. Study, study, study. Then sign up to take a Praxis II, which would allow me to be licensed in another subject area upon passing the test. Subject to test- English

2. Apply for graduate school at Arkansas Tech University. I don't intend to begin full-fledged graduate classes, but I would take several courses for Teaching English as a Second Language. After completing the four required courses, I could add TESL to my teaching license.

Whatever I choose, option 1 or option 2, I will have to work toward while subbing this next semester. Of course, I'm still sending out resumes and placement files. Graduation may be the time for a new beginning, but it's also a waiting game. 

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