Monday, August 2, 2010

A Brand New Adventure

Well, I have been absent from blogland for almost a month. I'll have lots of pictures to post of my trip to Orlando, but first...

The hubs GOT A NEW JOB!!!

I've been keeping this new opportunity to myself for awhile, and it has been absolutely killing me. He has worked for the same company for eight years. Now, however, he is pursuing his call to ministry. In order to do that well, he needs a job with a little more freedom. Three weeks from today, the hubs will be officially starting his new job. I am very proud of him!

So, in honor/celebration of my husband and his hard work and dedication, here's one of my favorite's surprisingly appropriate for the situation!

#40 by Dave Matthews Band

Tables turned again
And you my friend
You and I face each other
Oh time and time out
I know it's sometimes hard
But knowing just oh
That we will get along
Til we're old and gray
And doubled up
We're doubled up, we'll sit
And think of times were hard
And laugh of times when we thought
All it would end, it was all over
Then again
And know that I'm yours less rain
And to leave you out, I'll die
Oh my friend
It will be you until the end with me

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