Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In This Skin

The older I get, the more anchored I am.

Many of my younger years were spent figuring out who I am, as opposed to who I should be or who I wanted to be. Unfortunately for me, those three people were not the same.

One small part of my story sticks out in my memory. Freckles. For the longest time, freckles were the bane of my existence. (Tough life, right?)

They were noticeable enough on a normal day. Summertime was a disaster. A minute bit of sunlight only acted as a freckle-enhancing agent. There was not enough makeup in the world to cover up the spots blanketing my face. And God knows I tried. In all of my teenage angst, I tried and tried to rid myself of the dreaded spots.

Now that I've aged considerably, however, they don't bother me. would be nice if they didn't overwhelm my face when the weather warms. I would also like to have thicker, shinier hair and a much smaller waist. But I'm learning that none of that truly matters. Ultimately, those things will have no effect on the outcome of my existence.

I am "God's masterpiece." He has created me to do the things He had planned long ago. He has created me for a higher purpose. He has created YOU for a higher purpose.

It took a long time, but I finally understand that I am loved, adored, and cherished by God. He knows the (diminishing) number of hairs on my head, the (growing) number of freckles on my face, and the secrets of my heart. AND HE LOVES ME JUST THE SAME.

That is what makes me comfortable in my skin.

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