Sunday, July 11, 2010

I love my pets more than most people...

It's been awhile since my last post, and there is no excuse but laziness and busyness. I've been babysitting two kids, packing for a week-long trip to Orlando, and preparing to take the PLT for my fall internship. Tomorrow, the hubs and I leave for Orlando on a youth trip. Everything is packed, and I have a study guide to read during the travel time.

Whew. It's a lot of work and stress just thinking about those things.

As excited as I am about traveling to Orlando with some of my favorite people, I can't stand the thought of leaving my furry, four-legged babies. I've grown used to having a cat curled up near my knees and a dog cuddled against my side while I sleep. They will be in good hands; they're staying with the mom-in-law. I'm more worried for me than for them. :)

The hubs had to drop off the pets earlier this evening since we're leaving so early tomorrow. I admit it...I cried like a baby. I'm going to miss those precious faces looking up at me, begging me to feed them or curled up on the bed in the middle of the afternoon.

I have no doubt that this week will be an amazing experience for me and everyone else who will be there. But...I'm a worrier, so be thinking about me this week! I'm breaking out of my comfort zone, and it won't help that I don't have my cuddle buddies!

This post is dedicated to my pets...'cause I love them (sometimes more than people!).

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